Our Services

Our specialty is assisting companies through transformation and working to help them improve their operations, appropriately leverage their technology, balance expenditure and increase profitability.  We may assist our clients in a number of areas, as highlighted. 

We bring a unique technology-meets-operations perspective, developed through decades of working with company owners, investment firms, board members and private equity.  We have worked with scores of companies across various industries.  We understand how to balance operational and IT needs against appropriately sized investments for each company.

You can find bigger firms, with benches full of billable resources lacking operational experience and practical perspective...or you can trust us as experts who have successfully led companies and IT organizations to better outcomes and optimized states.

IT Assessments and Due Diligence

A baseline to any engagement - we conduct comprehensive diligence and assessment of our customers or their target acquisitions, employing a SWOT-based approach to understanding the use of resources (people, budget), processes and technologies to support and enable each business.

This in-depth assessment process helps us to understand how to optimally position each client and align capabilities with their operation and business goals.


Strategic Planning and Execution

Understanding the possibilities is only the start - a vision without a plan is just a daydream - so we collaborate with our customers to establish realistic strategic plans and an execution path toward improvement.  This involves a thoroughly documented technology strategy including a "roadmap" overview of key projects, priorities and potential timelines to execute these improvements.  We work directly with our customers to turn recommendations into prioritized, approved and budgeted plans.  As these plans are developed, we work alongside our clients to ensure projects are tracked and executed to completion.

Our specialty is in formulating plans that align with company leadership or owners' goals - including appropriately-sizing investments and maintaining budgets against benchmarks and individual investment theses. 


Fractional and Interim CIO / CTO Services

Knowing that all positions change over time and people may come and go - we are here to help when our clients face a gap in leadership or when they require assistance and guidance either directly for or alongside their technology teams.  We have extensive expertise in leading IT organizations and in advising technology leaders, and it is our goal to share that expertise with our clients.

We partner with our customers to provide the level of guidance needed for short-term or longer-term engagements.  We're never there to permanently take the place of employees...but can provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership as your company takes steps toward growing their own centers of expertise.


Merger, Acquisition and Transaction Support

Business transactions have become a large part of our service catalog, as we work to support the potential acquisitions, mergers, carve-outs or similar company transactions that our clients are planning. 

From due diligence, to managing F100 plans, to executing integration of core ERP and technology platforms after a close...we are extensively experienced in supporting the IT and associated elements of a transaction.  We work to de-risk environments, bring together the proper resources to execute activities, manage the program and team members and ensure that companies are integrated (or divested) on or ahead of schedule.


IT Program and Strategic Project Management

Even when you know where you should be headed, most companies end up deferring improvements and aren't able to "move the needle" because they lack focused and dedicated resources to ensure that projects maintain their momentum.  Most team members fulfill multiple roles and often have difficulty escaping their day-to-day duties...leaving improvement initiatives or special projects floundering and lacking progress.

We've heard every excuse in the book...and while we can empathize, we are here to help our clients achieve measurable results.  We work past the excuses - and we provide the dedicated presence to help manage programs or strategic projects and maintain the momentum and accountability needed to ensure completion.


Technology Evaluation, Selection and Delivery

Having the appropriate people and processes in place are the precursors to effective technology solutions.  However - as you build those first pillars, it's important to understand your needs and identify and implement the right solution.

We are technology agnostic in approaching recommendations for our customers, as each customer has a unique set of needs, budget, and existing IT ecosystem.  We look to identify the appropriate technologies to meet these unique needs, while maintaining realistic budgets and timelines for delivery.

There are lots of vendors ready to sell you the promises a product brings - but there are few vendors that will help you understand the total cost of ownership and how to overcome the limitations that products may bring.  That's where we help to serve your best interests in selecting and implementing the right technology solutions.


Software Development and Integration

A core part of improving and optimizing technology is in configuring and integrating a company's systems to better meet its needs.  Rarely do software solutions offer 100% of what a company needs...which regularly leads companies to custom solutions and integration with other products in their portfolio in order to develop a more comprehensive data set or view of their business.

We understand software development - it's the backbone on which many of our team built their careers.  Understanding the need, ensuring the right talent is assigned and working toward that need, and finding the most scalable and appropriate solution are all a part of successfully integrating the right software for your company.


Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

While we never set out to be BI or analytics experts, it has become a significant part of every client journey...ensuring that they have access to the right data and detail to appropriately run their businesses.

Whether it is identifying the most efficient and accurate method to get at existing data for your business - or if you are ready to take steps toward predictive analytics and data-informed decision making - we are here to help guide and support those initiatives.  Database development, optimization, warehousing, reporting solutions, automated intelligence...we've got the right experts to help in your journey.


IT Leadership Recruitment and Hiring Assistance

"All jobs end sometime".  This is fact - whether it is according to your plan or not, the reality is that you will need to identify, recruit, hire and retain talent.  The specific approach may vary: from temporary contractors to full-time executive leadership...we are regularly involved in the hiring process to help our clients build out optimal teams.

Whether it is role definition, recruiting, screening, interviewing, negotiating, onboarding or training & coaching - we have assisted dozens of clients in developing the resources and teams that they needed. 


Customer Experience Improvement

While most companies believe they understand their customers and provide the right customer experience - it can be difficult to remain objective.

We provide objectivity in navigating and assessing your customer experience...from how customers find you to the actual interaction and engagement process leading up to a sale.  We focus on optimizing this experience and ensuring that we capture and leverage data and employ the right technologies to allow iterative improvement of this experience.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Contact one of our Managing Directors to start a discussion and to help us better understand your organization and needs, or reach out to us at info@x1consulting.com.