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You've got technology concerns and you need a trusted professional to rely on.

We know what it is like when we need to take action, but don't know where to begin.  It helps to have someone who has been through it before to help guide us in the right direction. 

Whether it's technology leadership for a specific project, an assessment of the risks within your environment, or understanding how to get more out of your operation - we have decades of experience helping companies through their IT concerns. 


Approach - How We Work

Assess the Current State

We begin our work by thoroughly understanding our clients to make practical and effective recommendations that will work. We rely upon an experienced operator and supporting specialists to conduct a thorough examination of the people, processes, and technology of an organization. This includes visiting the company, conducting interviews, and gathering feedback through surveys and available data.

We also gain insight by experiencing the customer journey. This in-depth assessment allows us to understand the company, its culture, and any strengths or weaknesses that may have been identified. Our experts have a wealth of experience in leading and transforming IT and operations, and apply that knowledge to the assessment process.

Strategic Planning Process

Execute the Plan to Generate Results

Knowing where you want to go is only the first step. Having a great plan doesn't mean much if it's not executed properly. This is where many companies fall short, believing that they can just fit a plan into their already busy schedule.

We're here to help by providing dedicated leadership and resources and working closely with your team to ensure that plans are carried out from start to finish. For clients who invest in the long-term, we often see returns of over 10 times the initial investment.

IT Assessments

Create a Strategic Plan

We've noticed that many companies struggle with having a clear plan in place. While they may have a general idea of what they want to achieve, a vision alone is not enough to make it a reality. This is especially true for IT departments, which may be seen as just a necessary aspect of the business rather than a strategic enabler.

We work with our clients to overcome this issue and create a strategy for IT (and the business, where necessary) that addresses potential risks, ensures consistency and scalability, and creates new opportunities for growth. These plans are tailored to each individual client and provide practical, well-rounded recommendations that align with the company's goals, abilities, and culture.

Generating Results to Win



Who We Are

X1 is a boutique IT management consulting firm that serves as experienced operators for private equity, investors, owners and other stakeholders within middle market companies.  We solve IT problems, reduce costs and help improve company profitability by aligning the right technology solutions with company operations. 


We provide IT leadership and execution expertise, leveraging our decades of  technology experience across hundreds of companies.  We establish tailored strategies, appropriate budgets and bring the right talent to support transactions or execute improvement initiatives for our partners. 


Our firm was founded by executives of a $400M company that had navigated through bankruptcy, acquisition and merger / integration guided by private equity.  Through this amazing journey, we discovered just how powerful and effective a small team - focused on a clear mission - can be.  We combined our collective capabilities in operations, technology and finance and established X1 in 2014. 


Since that time, we have guided scores of companies to address needs including IT turnarounds, strategy development and in transactions including sales, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and carve outs.  We take pride in the value of our engagements, our honest and open approach with our clients, and in the relationships we have developed along this journey.


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Client Testimonial:  CEO, Shipping & Logistics Industry

“My company has worked with the team at X1 as we have transformed our organization over the last several years.  As a technology enabled service provider, having a modern, high reliability platform is core to our success. 

X1 has been instrumental in helping us de-risk and modernize our entire technology offering.  This included deep involvement in everything from planning, vendor selection, personnel decisions, and ultimately day to day execution of many projects. 


The team’s technical knowledge is incredibly strong, but even stronger has been Justin’s understanding of the softer issues that must be dealt with when undertaking such a large initiative.  His assistance in helping us navigate the human side of the change – communication with our board, change management for employees and users, etc. – made me as the CEO feel that I not only had a strong technical firm advising me, but that I had a true business partner helping me guide our strategy.”

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We look forward to partnering with you on your journey.

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