We Help Build Better Companies By Optimizing Technology

X1 is a technology-oriented firm that supports company owners, private equity investors and leaders within the middle market to improve their holdings through optimized technology.  We serve as operators to provide IT advisory and execution expertise, leveraging our decades of  technology leadership experience across hundreds of companies.  We establish clear strategies, appropriate budgets and we bring the right talent to execute improvement initiatives and quickly create value for our partners. 


Our Approach

01. Assess the Current State

Our engagements start "Assessment First" with building a foundation of deep understanding of our clients - this is necessary to make pragmatic and appropriate recommendations that stick.  This process starts when an experienced CIO and supporting specialists conduct a comprehensive assessment of the people, processes and technology that are in place through a combination of discovery visits, interviews, surveys and where possible - navigating the customer experience.  We take the time to develop an objective understanding of the company, the culture, and the strengths and weaknesses that this process exposes.  This assessment is developed through the lens of experts who have led and transformed IT organizations through similar challenges or industries.

03. Execute the Plan to Generate Results and ROI

Determining where you want to go is only the first step.  A great plan is nothing without proper execution - and this is where most companies fail - believing that they can simply take a plan and "fit it in" amidst the ongoing challenges and operational tasks that consume their teams day-to-day bandwidth. 

This is where we help - by providing dedicated leadership and resources and working alongside your team to ensure that plans are taken from inception to completion.  For the clients who have invested in the long-term, they regularly see returns of more than 10X that investment. 


02. Create a Strategic Plan

Through decades of working with various companies, we've found that most organizations lack a clear strategy.  They may have a clear purpose or a vision - but a vision without a plan is just a daydream.  This is particularly true for IT and IT departments, who sometimes function or are treated more as a utility than a strategic enabler for the business.  They understand their "job" but lack clear direction of how to improve and make an impact.

We collaborate with our clients to overcome this shortfall and establish strategies for IT (and the business, where absent) that address known risks, that ensure continuity and scalability of solutions and that will create new capabilities that equate to business growth.  These strategic plans are custom-tailored to each client and represent pragmatic, balanced recommendations that align with the corporate goals, capabilities and culture.





X1 was founded by executives of a $400M company that had navigated through bankruptcy, acquisition and merger/ integration.  Through this amazing journey, we discovered just how powerful and effective a small team - focused on clear mission - can be.  We combined our collective capabilities in operations, technology, finance and human resources and established X1 in 2014.


Provide technology and operational excellence to organizations that lack dedicated operators, functional leadership or the expertise required to move their organizations to the next level.


Since 2014, we have guided dozens of companies through IT turnarounds, improvements, strategy development and in transactions including mergers, acquisitions and carve outs.

We take pride in the value of our engagements, our honest and open approach in putting our clients' needs ahead of profit, and in the relationships we have developed along this journey.



CEO, Shipping & Logistics Industry - Client Testimonial

“My company has worked with the team at X1 as we have transformed our organization over the last several years.  As a technology enabled service provider, having a modern, high reliability platform is core to our success. 


X1 has been instrumental in helping us de-risk and modernize our entire technology offering.  This included deep involvement in everything from planning, vendor selection, personnel decisions, and ultimately day to day execution of many projects. 


The team’s technical knowledge is incredibly strong, but even stronger has been Justin’s understanding of the softer issues that must be dealt with when undertaking such a large initiative.  His assistance in helping us navigate the human side of the change – communication with our board, change management for employees and users, etc. – made me as the CEO feel that I not only had a strong technical firm advising me, but that I had a true business partner helping me guide our strategy.”


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